2 of the Richest People in the World

William “Bill” Gates III
o    He is already 53 years of age
o    Has a self-made fortune
o    His source of income is the Microsoft
o    Has net worth of $40.0 billion
o    Currently situating in USA (An American Citizen)
o    Is in the software industry
o    Is already married and has 3 kids
o    William “Bill” Gates has been considered as the richest man in the world today right after being placed in the 3rd rank of last year’ most wealthy people in the world.
o    Bill Gates had stepped down from his daily duties at the Microsoft Company form the previous summer season to just to be able to devote his skills and abilities towards the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
o    Bill Gates had decided to increase the amount of donations in the year 2009 for up to $3.8 billion which is 15% greater than the 2008 amount of donations.
o    The assets of the organization were able to acquire $30.0 billion by the month of January and have a stock down for up to 45% form the previous 12 months.
Warren Buffett
o    Is already 78 years old
o    Has self-made fortune
o    Has net-worth of $37.0 billion
o    His source of income is from the Berkshire Hathaway
o    He is naturally born as an American citizen
o    He had been widowed, then remarried and has 3 children
o    He was once considered as the richest individual in the world but later on, he slipped knots down to number 2 this year right after loosing $25 billion within 12 months.
o    He has 45% shares of stocks in the Berkshire Hathaway during the month of March
o    He had been able to inject billions of dollars right into the Goldman Sachs and as well as in the exchange of preferred stock during the previous fall.
o    He had also been able to propped-up an insurance firm in Swiss Re during February with over $2.6 billion.
o    He admits that he accidentally made some marketing mistakes during 2008.
o    In Columbia, he had studied undervalue investing guru at the Benjamin Graham
o    Ha had took over the textile firm of the Berkshire Hathaway during the year 1965
o    Currently, he is upholding certain companies such as the GEICO, General Re, Borsheimis Jewelries, MidAmerican Energy Utilities, and the Dairy Queen and Seeis Candies/Foods.
o     He also has controlling stock shares in Wells Fargo, Coca-Cola, and as well as in Anheuser-Busch

Basic Life Support for Infants and Children


These tips are applicable for those infants and or children who are unconscious due to certain incidents/accidents:

ü  Check the unresponsiveness of the infant/children. You can do this through:

  • Infant: tapping or shaking the shoulder only
  • Child: shaking or tapping the shoulder and as well as ask if he/she is okay

ü  Shout for help if the infant or child does not response

ü  Position the infant/child in a sitting position

ü  Open the airways of the infant/child through jaw thrusting, chin-lifting, and or head-tilting. Position your hand on the forehead and then put your fingers on the other bony part of the chin.

ü  Get rid of having pressure on the chin of the infant as it may cause airways obstruction.

ü  Carefully listen to the casualty’s nose, mouth and chest and then feel if breathing and heart beat is there.

ü  Provide the casualty with breathing support. You can do this through opening the casualty’s mouth and then successfully breathe in there. Right after keenly observe if the casualty is able to breathe. You can repeat the action for several times until the casualty is already conscious.

ü  Be able to check the pulse of the casualty. You can do this through locating the carotid pulse in the upper shoulder, neck, elbow, and arm. Also, check any sort of body bleeding.

ü  Call for medical attention if you see to it that you cannot handle the situation anymore.

ü  Gently compress the casualty’s chest. You can specifically do this through positioning your index and middle fingers on the breastbone (nipple line) and at the same time provide mouth-to-mouth breathing support. Continue doing this until the casualty is already conscious.

ü  Be able to continue providing the casualty with CPR. If in any case that the child or infant still has no pulse and breathing please provide another breath and as well as CPR. Right after every minute; see to it if the casualty already has pulse. If in any case that the pulse is there yet breathing is absent, continue providing breathing support and as well as the CPR. As your very last option, if you really can’t handle saving the life of the casualty, please bring the casualty to the medical center right away.