Too rich, too much money – can kill you

If you have too much money, besides having too many concealed enemies that are envious of you and want to pinch your money, you are in danger of effortlessly losing your mental health, for many reasons. First of all, you are in close proximity to people who have a lot of money too and who typically never respect any moral rules. You’ll be apt to emulate their bad example, believing that morality is something ridiculous that only children or poor people care about. If you are too well-off you can live free of all social limitations, doing whatever you may wish, and without mitigating your actions, since you don’t depend on any person. However, if you bring to an end respecting all moral rules and begin acting with nastiness and indifference to all the problems that your attitude could cause to other people, you will become a bizarre and self-centered monster hated by everyone. These deeds will lead you to fixation or graver mental illnesses, because you’ll open the doors for the feral side of your conscience, which is entirely violent, and keeps trying to obliterate your human side.

By accommodating immorality in your life, you are routinely accepting irrationality without any censure, that you are not able to impartially judge anything. You can even become a slayer, because you can with no trouble kill your enemies by paying other citizen to get rid of them on your behalf, and common fairness or justice will never manage to put you in jail. You can pay all and sundry to hide everything.

However, since you’ll have so numerous enemies who spite you, you may suddenly lose all your money due to their devious attacks against you. This only means that your mental health will be packed down again. A very big breakdown after having had so much money at your disposal can entirely wreck your self-confidence, that you will become uncontrollably frantic.

There are only two stuffs that can allow you to have too much money, and at the same time protect your mental health: these are generosity and goodness.