Thanking You Forever

People are all born with a purpose. All of us have it, and you can’t blame others why they are bad and some are good. Now, if you think you are the worst person in Earth, you have to think again because there are other people out there who are worst than you. In this article, I am going to give you some ideas why you should thank the Lord up above in giving you life and the chance to experience living in this world.

We are all unique, and were born in accordance with God’s likeness. As human being, we are all entitled to commit mistakes, and it is really up to us how are we going to solve it and to make changes form those errors that we have committed. Our Almighty God sends his only son to clean all our sins. Once you are cleansed by his blood, you have to bear in mind the sacrifices that the Lord God did to us in order for us to be saved.

Life is indeed beautiful even others want to die. Can you see any logic, that there are other people who wanted to die, and others asked to stay longer in this Earth? Because these people know the real essence of life, despite the odds they are feeling, still they have this courage to stand up. If you are in their shoes, you will know how wonderful life is.

Despite the odds that you are felling, you have to be grateful. Up above will not give you hardships if you can’t handle it. He knows everything your weakness, strengths and capacities. If He will give you barriers in life, it does not mean that He does not love you. He did this to measure your capacities, and knows how you are going to face your problems. Problems are not difficult to solve, that is if you do have faith in Him. Let us be forever thankful to Him. Only in this manner, you can achieve the real happiness and contentment in life. So, there is nothing to worry because He is forever at your side, and watching over you all the time.


Know the difference between too rich man and too poor man


As we all know that too much money is too rich and being rich is not about having huge money, but being able to think like a rich. Rich man thinks differently from poor man. Most of them think differently about life, money, wealth, relationships, and future in short every thing that makes them happy. In fact, there are a lot of different style of thinking makes them different from the crowd. In this article I will give some important things how to become rich. Let’s get in to the brain of rich man.

Rich man believes that they can create their own world unlike poor man they wait for the nature to create a world for them. On the contrary rich man never expects any external factor just to help them out of situation. They just wake up in the morning thinking no one on the earth is going to help them and create their own world. In fact, money works for rich man and poor man works for money, while money works for rich man. Rich man creates assets for investment, factory, property, stocks, and employees.

Rich Man doesn’t get trapped in short term issues. In fact, rich man gives less importance to short term issues like paying bills as compare to creating assets for long term. Poor man spends nearly all his hours on solving short term issues. Sad thing is that short term issues like paying bills never ends.

Rich man doesn’t give much importance to problems because they keep their eyes on a target while poor man keeps their eyes on problems that take place. Before starting any thing poor man tries to predict the problems and difficulties that they have to face while achieving the target. On the contrary rich man assumes that there will be some problem in the process and keeps concentrating on the target.

Rich man catches opportunities in flash even on holiday vacation trip or on morning walk. Rich man keeps their eyes open to catch any opportunity while poor man worries about the potential risk in the working hours that he may have to counter.

Understand the line “It’s my way of the highway” in your life

It is impossible to experience how other people identify the world, whether it’s my way or the highway of living in different ways in life. While you can get a logical understanding and a sincere appreciation of perceptual differences but you cannot have the actual experience of someone else’s perception. In fact, when people first learn about their perceptual style, they read the description of their perceptual style and surprised by how the description fits them. It opens their eyes to things about themselves that they take for granted and they also experience a sense of deep validation. Therefore, this is really an amazing experience.

On the other hand, it is very important to fully understand and use your natural skills that you have like self-confidence because your own way of perceiving the world what is the right way to do. It is equally important to accept that the right way for you it’s not for everyone and the fact that there are five other perceptual styles that are equally right for those who have them.

However, people experience perceptual differences with others in the way they communicate, deal with different type of conflict, and determine the important things in life. Without the knowledge of perceptual style, all too often people assume that these differences are a matter of right and wrong and when that happens, the resolution becomes a battle of wills and a lot of time, effort and emotions is wasted on arguing and nobody really wins because its usually a case where one side just gives up and gives in. Much like when they meet with someone who does not talk your language, explaining your point of view slowly and loudly will not charge the perception of someone whose perceptual style is different from yours.

As a matter fact, there are six different perceptual styles that are normal and healthy ways of perceiving the world. Nothing is better than or more accurate in its perception than any other. Each is an incomplete view of the world because without effort from others with different perceptual styles there are different aspects of any situation that you will miss out.