Easy Tips To Help Improve Your Blackjack Game

The most common problem that a player faces in Blackjack is knowing when to hit or stand. Most people who have been playing blackjack for a while have developed their own strategy so they know when it’s the right time to hit or stand. About.com can give you pointers on how to improve your game.

Blackjack Terminology

HIT – This means that you would like to take another card from the deck. The common signal for a hit in the casinos is tapping the cards or just the table with your finger. Very rarely do people in the casinos ever say the words “hit me” any more like they do in the movies.

STAND – A stand means you’re going to stick with your two cards. You only do this when the card in hand has a high probability of winning or bust if you ask the dealer for another card.

The house edge over a player in blackjack is around 5.5%. If you are able to properly hit or stand you can improve your odds by over 3%.

Worst Case Scenarios

One of the worst case scenarios that you can encounter when playing blackjack in the casinos or online through sites like Blackjack Castle is when the dealer’s card is an ace. If this happens to you in a game you should consider playing aggressively and try to get a good hand like 17 and above because it’s most likely that the dealer has a strong hand.

If the dealer card is a 10, jack, queen or kind there is still a one in thirteen chance that the dealer has a blackjack or a stronger chance of a twenty. If you find yourself in this situation you are going to need a strong hand to compete. If you have an 11 you have a good chance of making 21 with a hit but you also risk at risk of busting.

To learn more blackjack strategies and terminology start reviewing blackjack wiki sites and studying the best players online through Wikipedia, Google or your favorite search engines. Many professional blackjack players are students of the game who never stop learning.

Falls Creek Alpha Ski Lodge

Conveniently located in the Falls Creek village of Victoria, Australia, Falls Creek Alpha Ski Lodge gives the vacationer access to all the available lifts, or if preferred, door to door skiing for those who would rather ski than walk. Beautifully charming views can be seen from Alpha Ski Lodge’s soaring location above Fall Creek Valley, where its people create such a warm and hospitable atmosphere that many people decide to return to the lodge every year. The lodge accommodates 35 people in total, with rooms that are either 6 x 4 shared bunk rooms, 3 x 2 to 3 shared rooms, or 1x double rooms with double beds provided. Pillows and doonas are conveniently provided.


After skiing or hiking during the day, you can take it easy in the lounge area, watch television or play games. In addition, a sauna and a separate TV/DVD/Video room is provided which is located on the same floor as the bedrooms. Other facilities include:

· Fully equipped kitchen
· Dishwasher
· Microwave
· Refrigerator
· Public telephone
· Laundry facilities
· Tea and coffee facilities

The spacious kitchen has two ovens, two BBQ’s, two dishwashers and all the utensil necessary to enjoy a home-cooked meal. Falls Creek Alpha Ski Lodge also contributes sugar, coffee, tea, cooking oil, honey and Vegemite free of charge to its vacationers. In addition, the wonderfully relaxing Cedar-wood sauna is a great way to end a day full of skiing, hiking and having outdoors fun.

Summer at Alpha Ski Lodge

Summer at the lodge can also be an exhilarating and refreshing vacation spot for the individual or family who wants to get away from the noise and chaos of the city. Here, you will be able to simply relax on the balcony, sip a cold beverage and marvel at the breathtaking scenery surrounding the lodge. Or you can take the more active route and indulge in some mountain biking, fishing, paddling on the lake or visit a neighboring vineyard and sample some of the many tasty wines produced there. Hiking, tennis, and mountain climbing are just some of the many more outdoor activities Alpha Ski Lodge offers.
Summer prices are $28 per person, for a one-night stay in a bunk room and $75 per night for a family of two adults and two children under fifteen years of age. Visit Falls Creek Alpha Ski Lodge soon for one of the most unforgettable vacations you’ll ever have!