Be The Biggest Man Around

Part of a lifestyle of power and luxury is confidence. You may have all the money in the world. Congratulations. But it won’t mean a thing to you without the happiness that self-confidence in every area of your life will give you. You can’t be a selfish bastard without believing in your ability to be the biggest man in the room. You have to have certain internal knowledge of that fact. You have to be your first and biggest fan. Fortunately for you, there is nothing that you cannot buy. It’s the central tenet of the selfish bastard lifestyle. So go ahead and buy yourself the self-confidence you need to be the biggest bastard in the room.

Enhancing Yourself

Male enhancements can make you the man that you have always wanted to be. You will exude the power that comes from simply knowing that you’re the top dog—and always will be. This is the kind of self-confidence that can be bought and once you make it your own everyone around you will know it. Where exactly does this amazing confidence come from? It comes partly from the positive body image that results directly from your physical enhancement. Partly from the increased sexual performance and satisfaction that you and your partners are enjoying. Mostly though, it comes from you.

The Shield of Success

When you are happier, you are more self-confident. It’s a proven fact. Male enhancement helps you find your happiness in the bedroom. It also helps you to shed stress and worry outside of it. In fact, this happiness can act like a shield, protecting you from negative emotions in a way that money alone simply can’t. Best of all, the resulting self-confidence surrounds you and increases the aura of power, dominance even, that every successful man strives to foster in his life. It literally transforms you into the biggest man in the room. Unless you’re with the Selfish Bastard, of course, he’s always bigger.

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Nice – One of the Best Places to Visit in France

Nice is surely one of the best cities in France to visit during anytime of the year. The cosmopolitan city of the French Riviera has something in it for everybody visiting it. Holidaymakers can relax along the crystal clear beaches having a sip or two of their favorite cocktails. Visitors can even cruise through the Bay of Angels whist appreciating the beautiful palm trees that fill in the landscape along the Bay. Nice is not just a place to relax but it has some interesting places to visit as well.

The Mediterranean climate that Nice enjoys has managed it to attract thousands of visitors each year for over two centuries. What was once a part of Sardinia Kingdom and Italian Savoy; Nice became an integral part of France only in 1860. The origins of this city can be found through Roman and Gallic ruins at the Boulevard de Cimiez. Nice is the second most popular city in France to be visited by tourists each year after Paris. According to an estimate, the city attracts well over 4 million travelers each year.

Almost all urban centers in France are well connected to Nice. In fact the city is well connected by different modes of transportation like trains and buses. The city’s airport is, in fact, the second largest in the country. The airport connects Nice to all major cities across the Europe.
There are many places in Nice to visit and explore. Some of the prominent ones include:

1. Promenade des Anglais:

This coastal road that was once used exclusively by the English families. Today, this 8km long road is one of the major roads in Nice.

2. Vieux Nice:

Also referred to as Nice Old Town, this old part of the city will surely catch your imagination through its charming alleyways and streets. There are plenty of art galleries, eateries and quirky shops in the midst of old style houses on either side of this place. The Saint Reparate Cathedral is located in the central regional of Vieux Nice.

3. Colline du Chateau:

Visitors can get the best possible view of the Nice city while they are on Colline du Chateau; locates some 90 meters above the ground. The ancient castle that once existed here is in ruins. In addition to this, the hill is home to several beautiful pine trees, a beautiful park, a play area for children and an alluring waterfall.

4. Beaches:

A trip to Nice is incomplete without exploring its beautiful beaches. Visitors can look forward to spending a lot of time in the sunshine and warm breeze.

5. Shopping and Eating:

Shopping can be a real fun while you’re in Nice. However, as most designer labels are a bit expensive here, you need to bargain a bit to get good deals. Dining out too can be an expensive affair, especially for budget travelers. However, a meal at the lunch time gives good value to travelers’ money at most places.

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Looking the Part: Luxe Jewelry for Men

As a guy you know that the right piece of jewelry sets the tone for the outfit that you’re wearing. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a casual outfit for work or a nice suit for a night out on the town with your significant other and friends, once you put on the right jewelry, you’re ready for anything.

Luxe Jewelry – Luxury Made Simple

Luxe has been producing a wide variety of comfortable pieces of jewelry for decades. No matter if you’re the type of guy who has simple tastes and is looking for a nice watch or you’re interested in finding some more elegant pieces like a gold necklace or bracelet, Luxe has what you’re looking for.

Best Places to Buy Luxe Jewelry Online

If you’re a fan of Luxe jewelry and can’t find any affordable stores that sell Luxe jewelry in your area, there are a wide variety of places to buy Luxe pieces online. – This website offers a wide variety of awesome gold chains for those men who want to have a nice chain for the outfit that they are wearing. – DY Jewels offers a large assortment of bracelets, necklaces and religious pendants for those guys who are looking for gold jewelry that stands out from the common, boring gold jewelry that’s on the market today.

How to Choose the Right Jewelry for You

Before going out to buy just any piece of jewelry, make sure that the jewelry that you choose isn’t too big because, a huge chain, watch, ring or bracelet will stand out and won’t look proportionate to your face or body.

Don’t be afraid to choose multiple pieces of jewelry for different occasions. This is important especially if you work in a job where you work around machinery or are physically active on a daily basis.

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“The Richest Two Days in Sports . . .”

With twenty six million in prizes on the table, you can bet that thoroughbred racing is one of the Selfish Bastard’s favorite sports. And the Breeder’s Cup World Championships are one of his favorite racing events. These fifteen races alone comprise the richest two days in sports and you wouldn’t want to miss your chance to be a part of that and looking through the Breeders Cup odds before betting.

All About the Breeder’s Cup

The Breeder’s Cup World Championships are a two-day racing event that occurs every year. Each year, the races are held at a different track—this year’s location is Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby. No matter where they’re held though, the championship races are designed to be an international year-end championship of thoroughbred racing. They’re designed to help determine the best of the best in horse racing—something the Selfish Bastard can definitely get behind.

Breeder’s Cup Vacation

Fifteen races over the course of two days is just enough time to really enjoy a luxurious vacation the Selfish Bastard way, too. That means looking at, flying VIP style on event sponsoring airlines and wearing a suit to the track for a day of socializing, betting, and leisurely enjoyment of all the excitement that the races can provide. Perhaps a trip to some of the award winning local restaurants as well. Or maybe a few charity events and parties instead.

Breeder’s Cup Your Way

Of course, if you can’t make it to the richest two days in sports, you can still enjoy the races. Bring them to your living room, and watch them from the comfort and luxury of your favorite chair—without ever having to move at all. Add food, drinks, and friends and yours may be the richer of the two experiences after all. So head to the races your way and then get ready to enjoy the lifestyle that comes with them.

Interested in learning more about the Breeder’s Cup? Check out Wiki to learn all of the fascinating history about the event.

A Clock for the Selfish Bastard

In this modern age, we hear the word “merger” bandied about, as companies eat each other like microbes on a daily basis. But it’s not just a Wall Street thing. Technology is also coming together. Today’s smart phones are routinely out-punching our desktop and laptop computers. Some people not only yearn for simpler times, they almost demand them, wanting their cell phone to do nothing more than – brace yourself – make phone calls.

Do We Have Time for the Bells and Whistles?

This is actually an industrial evolution that other sectors of our culture have already undergone. Take the wristwatch as an example. There were watches with calculators on them. Others included calendars, timers and alarms. Some of them were waterproof (to however many meters), or shockproof, or could withstand being trod upon by an elephant. Really, though, most of just want one thing out of our watches and clocks. We just want to know what time it is.

Supply in Sync with Demand

Beyond that, though, we may want our clocks to reflect our personalities to a certain degree. Culturally speaking, it is interesting that more and more people have gone back to clocks with faces and hands, having grown tired of the stark display letters on digital clocks (devoid, as they were, of design elements). The talents of today’s artists are not lost on clockmakers, who wish to meet the customized desires of the public.

Another societal bump has been the advent of the “man cave”, a space in which a fellow can make believe that he doesn’t have any obligations to work or family. Having the right clock in the man cave goes a long way toward establishing the necessary ambience, whether the heart’s desire is a centerfold or a Harley Davidson clocks (or both). There is a need – read: A market – for clocks among selfish bastards. And there is no shortage of sellers waiting to do business with them.

Cell Phones That Will Make You Look Rich

It’s fair to say that the vast majority of us are middle-class working people, time-clock punchers who take up space in the median, hoping to provide for our families as best we can. And it’s true that there are just certain things that are reserved for the very wealthy, things that most of us can never have – Rolls Royce, Dom Perignon, Picasso, Vail. It’s been said that every man’s home is his castle; those with their heads in the economic stratosphere say that every man’s home is a real castle, on a private island no less (the “summer home”).

An Economy of Scale

The flaunting of opulence, for the least modest of jet-setters, extends almost naturally to their cell phones. Putting in all in scale, it’s really not such an ostentatious display. Think about it – if you had a thousand dollars in the bank (drawing interest), and someone offered you a really nice cell phone for the low, low price of three dollars and twenty-five cents, wouldn’t you be awfully tempted to buy it? Of course you would.

Cell Phones of the Rich and Famous

That’s exactly the way a billionaire would look at the Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme (by designer Stuart Hughes). It’s encrusted in solid gold, festooned with 200 diamonds including a 7.5 carat glacier on the “home” button, and works in 5 continents. (It also comes with a granite and Kashmir gold box.) $3.2 million.  I wonder what the future will hold, by the time the iPhone 6 hits the market they’ll probably have a new outlandishly expensive version.  But why go crazy? For $1.3 million, your average oil company CEO could have the latest Diamond Crypto smart phone with its platinum body and 50 diamonds, including eight blue diamonds.

For the masses, who would like to be mistaken for being rich at least once in a while, there is a way to raise eyebrows at the meeting – the Gold Edition Nokia 8800. The gold-caped outlook casing is really the only difference between this beauty and the standard Nokia 8800 smart phone, but it’s no slouch, with 62,000-color TFT display, USB port, FM radio, Blue Tooth, video recording and Edge connectivity (among other features). At a very reasonable $2700, Nokia makes it so you don’t have to own a pro football team to stand on the communication sidelines, righ there alongside the rich and famous.