BMW’s i Concept Cars

When you talk about BMW concept cars all sorts of images come to mind. There’s a very good reason for that. There are all sorts of BMW concept cars; most of them looking like something out of the future that should fly as well as drive on paved streets.


Coming in 2013: the BMW i8 Concept Car


Not that there aren’t already i8 concept cars by BMW; there are. I mean if we’re talking about concept cars we might as well discuss BMW’s 2020 model, the 13 Concept. These cars would make any science fiction writer literally tingle with glee. They are so futuristic that they are almost indescribable in their lines and gadgets and pivotal door openings… It’s crazy. But awesome. If you want to have some real fun, check out You Tube and you can actually watch a BMW i8 concept car being built, right before your very eyes. It’s a virtual building of a car, but amazing nonetheless. Absolutely fascinating to watch. Not only can you watch the building of this car but pointers explain what parts are going where; i.e. The Electric Motor, the lithium battery that it runs on, the fuel tank which it apparently also runs on and more.


The i’s Have It


BMW has not only the i8 concept car but the i3 as well. These are BMW’s holistic approach to a solution that fits in with the green movement and helps deal with the overcrowding in our future; which we are already being forced to deal with. Both of these cars debuted at the Frankfurt auto news show this year. Drive trains which are hybrid or electric, lightweight materials are used to offset the extra weight and even greener methods of manufacturing all go into the i models from BMW.

If the environment is a major concern of yours, and you love futuristic looking cars, you might want to check out BMW’s i line of cars.


Eight of the World’s Most Collectible coins

Coin collecting is one of the world’s most common hobbies. It can be an expensive or affordable depending on the collector.

The US wheat penny is popular. It is still possible to find these in circulation. The most valuable is the 1943 bronze wheat penny. One of these pennies sold at auction for $100,000.
Another 1943 penny is the copper version. Copper was need by the military so bronze and then steel were used to make pennies. With about 40 known to exist, these are valued from $75,000 to $100,000.
Some of the most valuable ancient gold coins are from Byzantine Empire. In 2007, a stash was found dating from 1078AD to 1143AD. Coins from the Emperor Alekssi I Komnin (1100AD) are considered the most valuable.

The 1804 US draped bust silver dollar is the most valuable silver coin in the world. Less than 20,000 of the coins originally minted. Only 15 are known to exist today. Most are in museum collections. At least six coins are in private collections.

Another prized US coin is a $3 gold Indian Head Gold piece. Minted from 1854 to 1889, the highest quantity minted per year was 10,000 pieces. Several years, the quantity was 1000 or less. They have an unusual Indian Princess design rather than the common male Indian head motif. In the 1980s, these sold from $4000 to $30000.

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A 1933 US Double Eagle coin sold for $7,590,020 in 2002. When the US went off the gold standard during the Depression, most gold coins were melted down. A few Gold Eagles survived. The Smithsonian has two in their collection. In the 1950s, eight appeared on the market. Later, a dealer acquired nine more. Forty years later, one coin Egyptian king Farouk’s collection ended up with a dealer. It was originally stored in a World Trade Center vault but was moved in 2001 before 9/11. Ten coins are now store at Fort Knox.

The 1913 US Liberty Head nickel is another rare collectible. The last one sold went for nearly $4 million. There are only five known to be in existence.

Euros are popular coins to collect. First minted in 1999, the initial coins showed the countries of Europe separated like islands. Later, each country minted its own designs making these popular due to the diversity.

Yet one more coin you may want to think about adding to your collection is the many silver maple leaf coins.

Coin collecting is a fascinating hobby Keep an eye on the pocket change, there may be treasure lurking within it!


Protect Yourself and Your Rights With A Personal Injury Lawyer

How many times have you told that landlord about that wooden step that is rotting and needs fixing? Today you went ahead and miss stepped on those stairs, in a hurry, and that step gave way. Now you’re lying in a hospital bed with a broken leg. You need a personal injury lawyer.

Personal Injury as a Result of Negligence

The case described above is pure negligence on the part of the landlord. Granted you knew it existed and that may be argued but with a good personal injury lawyer the landlord will get what’s coming to him—and I don’t mean the rent. What if your neighbor’s pit bull gets loose, comes onto your property and bites you in the leg? That’s an accident if the dog broke loose, but you will probably still have a case. Vicious dogs should possibly be kept behind fences not just on a leash. If you get hurt as a result of someone else’s negligence or purposeful act a good personal injury lawyer will be able to settle a lawsuit in your favor for a decent sum of money.

Don’t Be Sue Happy

It is my opinion that this world is currently sue happy. Everybody is suing everybody for the littlest thing. Maybe it has something to do with the economy but it’s been happening for quite a while now so I’m thinking maybe not. A personal injury lawyer is for people who genuinely need assistance paying medical bills and making up for lost wages that occurred as a result of an injury received because it was someone else’s fault. A personal injury lawyer is not, or should not be, an ambulance chaser that will pursue frivolous lawsuits for your (and their) personal financial gain.

So if you sue someone because they sued you for no good reason and now you want to get something for the pain and suffering they put you through, is that a personal injury lawyer, too? Contact a Fort Worth Personal Injury Lawyer.


3 Ideal New England Motorcycle Trip Routes

It’s likely that one of the reasons you decided to get a motorcycle was to enjoy the fresh air and do a little joy riding. Of course you enjoy the outdoors and riding through the scenic routes and a great place to do that is New England. There are ideal New England motorcycle trip routes that should be explored by newbies and experienced riders alike. Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts have some of the best sites around for motorcyclist.

New England Motorcycle Routes
- Vermont – has the Berkshire Mountains and Mohawk trail and the central Vermont gaps that will tempt even the most experienced rider. The tour takes you pass Old Hancock hotel, Texas falls, Robert frost Trail, Moss Glenn falls, the famous Floating bridge in Brookfield and on through the Lincoln gap road.

- New Hampshire – has the Mount Washington/Conway route that takes you through the outlet shops and antique stores, the beautiful countryside, lake Winnipesauke, bike traces, trains, and lakes. You can also venture onto kancamagos on the way through.

- Maine- offers the moose head lake tour through the central main loop.

Preparing for the Trip

Now that you have an idea of some of the best scenic routes, you must prepare for your trip. Plan your route, get maps of the area, bring a GPS, and make sure the motorcycle is checked before the trip. Check the front and rear brakes, change oil, check battery, check tires, blinkers, high beams, and running lights, and lastly top off the gas tank. Prepare a tire repair kit and bring a cell phone, a credit card, a rag, leather jacket and bottled water frozen. And of course, you will need to bring your motorcycle helmet!

Traveling through the beautiful mountains and trails in the fresh air is the dream of any true motorcycle rider. Planning and being prepared for anything is key to enjoying your trip routes. Stop in some of the best hidden treasures and dine and shop then head back on the route. For two and three day trips there are great hotels on the way in many of the routes where you can stop and take a load off. Then you can juice up for the journey ahead and get back on the road to visit the lakes, trails and waterfalls, a motorcyclist dream.


How To Save On Electronics

Discount vouchers for stores that deal in electronics are just not that hard to come by. Executing an online search will more likely than not land any number of them in your lap.

Hardware Stores and Department Stores

The major hardware stores such as Home Depot, True Value, Manard’s, Lowes and others frequently have discount vouchers in the Sunday Paper, on their web sites or are available through clubs that you can join online who send out weekly, daily or monthly giveaways and discount vouchers through e-mail. The Sunday paper’s also a great place for not only dedicated coupon sections but fliers for specific stores. Each hardware store most often puts out a flier in the Sunday Paper that advertises their sales and many times at the end of the flyer is a discount voucher for your next visit. Keep an eye on the dates as these do expire eventually. Some local newspapers also include flyers on certain days of the week; Wednesdays for hardware stores and electronics, Thursdays for food items and grocery stores, or others.

Check Your Area for New Stores

New stores always offer huge sales or distribute discount vouchers for their grand openings. With the economy the way that it is today, stores are opening and closing right and left. Keep an eye open every time you drive around town for construction sites or ‘remodeling/under new ownership’ signs. You never know when an electronics store or department store that deals in electronics is going to pop up. And of course with a holidays quickly approaching there are going to be endless opportunities for discount vouchers on toys, aleck products, gift baskets and more. Contact the nearest electronics store in your area to find out if their website offers discount vouchers or coupons or if they have a mailing list that you can join.

Where do you look for coupons?  Start with – they usually have  the most.  Once you put your mind to it, the possibilities for discount vouchers are virtually unlimited.

Luxurious Ways To Care For Your Skin

When it comes to keeping your skin healthy and young looking, luxury becomes a necessity. There are many ways in which to pamper your skin, particularly on your face. One basic rule to live by is that natural is better. Chemicals can sometimes be harsh and do more harm than good. Below will be luxurious ways to care for your skin but also a list of ingredients that you should look for in your current skin products that could be harmful.

When Luxury Becomes Necessity

The older we get the more our skin needs tender loving care. When we are young, some of the products we use to care for our skin may be considered a form of luxury but in reality is preparing our skin to require less invasive and extensive care to hide the signs of aging. The biggest luxury you can afford yourself is not a luxury of all… It’s sunscreen. If it makes you feel more luxurious go ahead and spend a whole bunch of money for it. As we age our skin loses its elasticity, its healthy glow and is not as capable of hydrating itself as it was when we were young. Wrinkles, age spots, and drying and flaky skin can result. Care for your skin now in a luxurious manner, means you won’t have to care for your skin so drastically later.

Eat Your Way To Healthy Skin

Antioxidants which can be found in tomatoes, assorted berries and many other tasty treats are an essential part of nourishing your skin. Omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids are another important ingredient that must be included in your diet if you are to maintain young looking, hydrated skin. Fatty acids are found in oily fish and many types of nuts. Chemicals to steer clear of are as follows: titanium dioxide, zinc, petroleum, coal tar, lead, formaldehyde, red dye #6 and more. It’s not always the chemical in the product but the combination of chemicals together.

As we age, some people turn to the luxury of invasive procedures or chemicals to improve their skin. But that’s not what they’re doing, really.

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