Snagging Seats for the Triple Crown

You won’t need to worry about snagging seats for the Triple Crown if there isn’t one officially won. The Kentucky Derby is only the first stop in the race for the Triple Crown. Win that and you must next win both the Preakness and Belmont Stakes in order to achieve the heralded title of Triple Crown Winner.

If You Use History To Make Your Bets…

Some people take a look at winning trainers, others look at winning jockeys; others still look at things like favorite colors and numbers. All the past history of winners, trainers and jockey’s is available if you search Kentucky Derby online you will find more than enough info to help you place your Kentucky Derby bets. Everyone has their own system or beliefs behind how and why they place their bets in the manner that they do. A quick and easy place to look up history on any of the above mentioned races is Wikipedia. There you’ll find history, origin, statistics, records made/broken and more.

Triple Crowns Past
Since the year 1919 only 11 horses have been good enough and have hung in there long enough to achieve the Triple Crown; the last of those being the way back in 1978 when teenager Steve Cauthen won aboard Affirmed there is a wiki devoted to both the jockey and the horse. Barbaro was favored to be a major contender for the elusive Triple Crown and instead ended up breaking the hearts of horse racing and animal lovers throughout the world with his untimely death.
To avoid confusion, all three races mentioned above officially make up the Triple Crown. You cannot have a Triple Crown Winner however, unless the same horse wins all three.

Dress to Reflect Your Wealth and Confidence

If you dress to impress you are undoubtedly familiar with names such as Lyle and Scott, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Armani. Allow me to introduce you to one of the most fashionable UK men’s and women’s clothing lines–G-Star UK.

When You Need To Make A Statement With Your Clothing

G-Star offers everything from sweats and hoodies all the way to dress shirts, and trousers, accessories and everything in between. Zip up sweaters, button down dress shirts, G-Star logo T shirts, omega trousers, denim jeans of all sorts, quilted jackets with snap pockets, cargo pants, and more will be setting the tone for this summer’s fashion selection of 2012’s well dressed man. Not that anyone will know, but your underwear can be G-Star as well.

The Favorite Of The Fashionable

The beauty of this type of clothing is that whether you are dressed up for the evening or casual for a day at the gym, you will not only be well dressed but fashionable, current and cool. If you know anything about style you won’t be surprised that G-Star is also seen next to names like House of Dereon, Diesel, UCLA, Farah Vintage, Franklin and Marshall, Miss Sixty, Fred Perry, Weekend Offender, UGG Australia, and EA7 Emporio Armani.
But what’s in a name?

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Don’t Part With Your Hard Earned Cash When You Don’t Have To

Most folks that worked very hard do not like it when they have to spend extra money on things that they really didn’t need in the first place.

Do You Really Need To Get A New Cell Phone Or Just Improve A Few Things On The Phone?

If you have a relatively new phone, but yet you are experiencing problems with your reception then it might be a simple upgrade to help fix this problem. It is better to spend a few bucks rather than a few hundred on a new cell phone. Shopping for the best SIM only is going to handle the problem very quick and easy.

Recycling Your Old Cell Phones

Another way to make a few bucks off of your old cell phones is to recycle any cell phone you have that has not been used in a long time. By doing a few searches online you will find companies that will buy back your cell phones, and mail you a check.

Always shop around before you decide to make a big purchase, because in the long run you might end up saving yourself a few hundred dollars.

Sensible Delegation for a Selfish Businessman

Having your own business can mean many things. You might find that you are overwhelmed often and can get everything done, or you might feel as though you need more time to yourself.

Getting All Of Your Business Affairs In Order Without Utter Chaos

One thing you need to make sure is that you are not losing money when you decide that you are going to let other people run a few of your departments. The one thing you need to make sure that doesn’t take a hit is your income. Therefore, you need to be sure your manager is top-notch and knows what he or she is doing.

Training Your Manager To Know How To Handle Things

Your manager is going to need to know how to handle your credit card processing merchant account. This account is crucial because it is the one account you have that brings in the most money. Be sure your manager understands how important this account is to you.

Once you change your manager then you can rest and do whatever you want because you know that your business and all of your accounts will be in order.

5 of the Best iPhone Apps for Coffee Lovers

Whether you love to drink coffee on a daily basis or maybe you’re a fanatic of complex coffee recipes, if you have an iPhone, you’re more than likely missing out on a lot of apps. These apps can assist you with making fantastic coffee creations at home with your k-cup brewer, guide you to the best coffee locations in your local area and can even help you save on your next coffee purchase.

Here are five awesome iPhone apps that any coffee fiend should consider downloading:

1. Barista App
This is a paid app that is under $3, but this is one of the coolest apps on the market. What it does is that it will teach you how to make just about any coffee and/or espresso drink straight from home. There are literally hundreds of recipes on this app and many of them are extremely easy to make. Winners of a few app awards, this is a step-by-step tutorial that anyone should consider downloading.

2. Coffee Buzz
Finding the best coffee shop in town can be a chore sometimes. With this social media based app, you can connect with other coffee lovers in the local area. Find nearby hot spots as well as socialize with other drinkers in your area. This is a great way to find many great coffee spots in your area that you may have never knew about.

3. Rate Coffee
Head to any grocery store coffee aisle and what you’ll find is that there are countless brands to choose from. The hardest part about choosing from these massive selections is what brand is going to suit your palette. With this Rate Coffee app, you’ll be able to not only find local coffee houses in your local area, you can look up various brands as well to see how they rate among others. Another great alternative to this app is another one called “Beanhunter.”

4. Starbucks Card
Let’s face it that most coffee drinkers head to Starbucks from time to time. The cool thing about this mobile app is that you can connect your phone to the My Starbucks Rewards Program. Using this app, you can pay for coffee using this card as well as forward money to other cards as well. For those that don’t drink here, consider looking at the Dunkin’ Donut app as well that allows users to order ahead of time.

5. Coffee Scales
While coffee can seem like a healthy a way of drinking, these lattes and cappuccinos can add up in terms of calories. For those that are watching their figure and weight, this is a great app to consider as it will show you exactly how many calories you’re consuming with each and every drink.


Cashing in on Superbowl XLVI in Indianapolis

Any Superbowl is always going to attract a great deal of attention. Tourists are going to come from all over to see the two best teams in football play their game. This can be a very exciting time for not only the fans, but those who are there as vendors selling anything from merchandise with the team logos to food and beverages. Everyone has a good time and wins from all angles. This sounds like a great time.

Vendors That Attend Each Superbowl

There are folks that make their living from attending the Superbowl and other major sporting events each year. These folks are totally into this lifestyle, and can do really well if they have planned things out. A smart business plan is something that is a must. You simply cannot function without a solid business plan. The reason for this is because when you start to go shopping for various personal loans, most bankers are going to need to see something that shows structure and growth. Getting a loan can be hard without it, so be prepared if you are thinking of becoming a vendor at the Superbowl.

How Much Money Can Someone Make at the Superbowl?

This is a great question. You might be trying to make the final decision on whether or not you want to actually follow through with this new business venture. Most of how much money are you going to make is what you plan on selling. Doing some research online might help you find a great deal on something to sell at the Superbowl, and your problems are solved. That would be a lucky break though. The more research you do the better your chances are of finding something cool to sell. Food and beverages are always an option, but then again, you must get the best deal you can find, so you get a profit. Losing money is not the goal here.

The Superbowl can be a really fun place with lots to do, but if you are working it can be slightly stressful because your goal is to make a nice chunk of change off of all the football fans. Be sure you have plenty of stock, and you have a nice location easy for the football fans and other tourists to reach. Those key items mean success, and success means a good amount of profit as well as paid off bad credit personal loans.

Do You Frequent Multiple Casinos?

Hitting the casinos can be a great time. It is an excellent opportunity to hang out with friends and family, and spend some time bonding, along with gambling. There are tons of resources online including wiki, that can help you with your gaming strategy.

Casinos on a cruise ship

Cruise ships generally will have at least one casino with blackjack for their customers to have fun at. The larger cruise liners will have a few different casinos on board for the hardcore gamblers to have a blast at. This is a great way to spend a day as well. Having all the favorite games of your choice all in one space can be a gamblers dream come true.

US cities full of casinos

A great vacation idea can be hitting the casinos in a major city. Not only is it very entertaining, but you can get a chance to meet folks from all over the world there for the same purpose. You can get some hardcore gambling in, and go home feeling very relaxed with hopefully a pocket full of money from your winnings.

Casino hopping is a good time, and also super entertaining. Often times the casinos will also have really cool shows you and your family can attend. Whether you are looking to gamble or attend blackjack tournament, there is a casino near you where you can have the experience of a lifetime.

Searching for a Selfish Companion?

Considering that having a selfish partner in a relationship is one of the major causes of divorce, separation, infidelity, addictive behaviors, parenting that leans to permissiveness and marital anger I’m not sure what you’d be thinking; looking for a selfish companion. But you know what they say–Different strokes…

Leave Marriage Out Of The Equation

If you’re looking to try out some of your biggest and best lines as a pick up artist, then I suppose a selfish individual would be a good challenge. They might even be good for the temporary ‘relationship’ of sorts but certainly not in it for the long haul. J.R. Miller basically said that one selfish individual can ruin an entire household; think of that at closing time before you take them home.

Some Famous Paraphrased Quotes About Selfishness

Neal A. Maxwell suggests that even the first, smallest sign of selfishness ends up leading to an unstoppable flow of it. Alan Lightman tells us that unless you give selflessly, not wanting anything in the way of return, all else is selfish; one of the three musketeers felt that all love is selfish.
And Oscar Wilde preferred to think of selfishness as less wanting to live by your own standards than wanting others to live by them more.

Looking Good on the Beach

Have you seen the latest issue of Sports Illustrated Men In Swimsuits Edition? Ooo-la-la! Well of course you haven’t because there isn’t one. Good news for the ladies (and some men), however. The New York City firefighter’s calendar came out again this year, and if you missed it I suggest shopping early at the end of this year.

How Does A Man Look Good At The Beach?

Well for starters if you shouldn’t be wearing a Speedo… Don’t. Leave that for the young men in the Olympics. In fact if you shouldn’t be going shirtless… Don’t. Men’s swimwear comes in enough styles that if you’re not all buffed up for the summer you can cover a multitude of sins with some loose trunks and a Hawaiian shirt. In fact, you’d be doing everyone a favor if you just used a little bit of common sense.

Guys: Before You Leave The House For The Beach

Before you walk out that door think about the kind of woman (or man) that most would like to see in a skimpy swimsuit. Spilling over the sides and out of every crevice may be some people’s idea of heavenly; but trust me when I say…not likely.

And we all know that a tan looks great on almost any one. Thing is, skin cancer doesn’t. Remember the sun block and get yourself a quick spray tan if you must.

Web Hosting Resources for Internet Business Owners

Finding a good web hosting on the Internet is very important because you don’t want to have a website designed that keeps crashing. A crashing website means frustrated surfers that more than likely will not come back to your site.

Finding the perfect web hosting company

This really is not that hard because there are so many web hosting companies out there. You might try doing a major search engine keyword search looking for web hosting companies. Your search is going to yield a great deal of results. It is up to you to decide who is going to be perfect for you and your needs. Always be sure you ask for references, because you want to make sure their service is good.

Managing your Internet business

You always want to make sure that your financial management is taken care of properly. A good way to make sure the merchant and of your business is taking care of is by getting a merchant express account. This account will make sure that all of your credit card and debit card needs are covered.
In no time flat you should have a very successful business, with lots of very happy customers.

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