Looking Out For Number One

Assuming the ‘number one’ is yourself and that you are a Colorado individual that does not belong to the 7.8% of the population that is unemployed; you probably have insurance through your employer—but not necessarily.

Times They Are A Changin’

Health insurance plans for individuals and families used to be offered by nearly every employer; it’s just the way things were. Thanks to the current state of economy however many companies have opted out of insuring their employees. If you are employed but need to purchase your own Health Insurance it’s time to look into some of the insurance companies offering discounted plans which they refer to as ‘affordable Health Care plans’ for individuals and families. It only makes sense since offering nothing but high priced insurance plans was discouraging many people from getting Health Insurance at all. So we had lots of people running around with no insurance and insurance companies with no customers. By lowering the cost of insurance more people now sign up so they are insured and the insurance company once again is making money. Fortunately for us and unfortunately for the insurance companies however; Obama-care has made it nearly impossible for those companies to turn down anyone with pre existing conditions. That’s good news for people that have those conditions.

If You Lost Your Job

If you are one of the unlucky 7.8% of unemployed individuals in Colorado (or anywhere else for that matter), hopefully you are receiving unemployment and some form of Health Insurance such as Cobra. You still have to pay for Cobra, but it is usually less expensive than purchasing your own individual Health Care plan. It however, as with unemployment, eventually runs out. Don’t wait until the last minute to check out discounted insurance plans. This is where looking out for number one comes in. If you don’t look out for yourself no one else will… They’re too busy trying to find their own insurance plan!

Open up your laptop and do a search for affordable Health Insurance plans. And don’t be surprised when you’re bombarded with offers from insurance plans you never even knew existed. Once it’s out there that you’re looking for personal insurance, there will be no shortage of plans being offered you.

Keeping Up With Men’s Fashions

Men’s fashions have become increasingly transient over the last few years.  In the past, basic jeans and a t-shirt were fine.  And while jeans and a t-shirt still go for most men, the right jeans and t-shirt is key to success.  If you feel lost, turn to youceleb.com for fashion tips.  Or read on for more information on keeping up with men’s fashion.


Pay Attention


To begin with, pay attention.  There is no better way to determine what’s in then with your eyes.  Most of us possess some sense of style.  And all you have to do is look around to see what fashions are hot.  Look to people whose dress you admire.  Or take a closer look at the clothes celebrities and athletes are wearing.  Clothing from the latest press conference, people magazine, or center court at the Lakers game could all serve as possible forms of inspiration to you.




Next, work at copying what you like.  Often the term “copying” has a bad connotation.  However, there is nothing wrong with imitating what you like.  Put your own flare on it and make it your own.  Keep in mind that there are always trends you can copy.  You can copy David Beckham’s Burger King getup or the outfit Justin Timberlake wore to the Grammys.  Either way, you will be taking inspiration from some of the best dressed men in America.


GQ Magazine


Finally, get a subscription for GQ Magazine.  This magazine is the best resource available on men’s fashion.  It will help you be in the know about what’s hot.  After reading it, you may realize that you need to get rid of your faded denim jeans.  They may be comfy.  However, a darker pair would look a lot better.  And simple tricks like this will go a long way in helping you look better daily.


Remember that it’s hard to commit a serious fashion faux pa in men’s fashion.  You may have hits and misses.  However, it is always better to try and fail then to not try at all.  Good luck with your choices and have fun expressing your style.

Managing Your Personal Checkbook

Managing your checkbook with pencil and paper is very nearly a thing of the past. More and more people are turning to money management software that includes helping you to balance your account. With all the online possibilities for paying bills, people might not have to order checks for years at a time! Someday possibly, not at all. Just like very few people carry cash and more; very few people pay bills with paper checks through the mail. More and more institutions are allowing their customers to make automatic withdrawals from their accounts, via computer, to pay their bills.

Which Software Is Best?

Here is a review of the top rated software’s available for personal checking accounts: the Deluxe version of Money Plus Sunset received 8 out of 10 stars (not compatible with Microsoft); Metalogic Finance Explorer received 8 out of 10 stars (full featured with advantages but might take some time to master); Grisbi also received 8 out of 10 stars (just be sure not to forget your password or it’s bye bye data); Money Manager Ex with another 8 out of 10 stars (easy to use but lacking in certain areas); GFP with, you guessed it, 8 out of 10 stars (utilitarian for newcomers and seasoned veterans alike).

Other Top Personal Checking Software

Ace Money Lite received six out of 10 stars-good software but supports only two accounts; Home Bank received 8 out of 10 stars-nice but you have to sign up with an accounts before you can access any help guides; and GnuCash (award winning freeware by Gizmo) receives a whopping 9 out of 10 stars. Many of these software programs have small differences. Most are relatively alike and inclusive however. Very few can be accessed through a portable device. GnuCash is one of the few that is accessible through portable devices though not by means of anything manufactured by its developer.

Keep in mind that there are free software programs as well as software programs for personal checking and banking that you have to pay for. Do some research on your own to see which would work out the best for your financial records and needs. The Internet is one of the best places to find reviews these days. Try to find a site that is not affiliated with the particular software involved in your research. Any site that represents a particular type of software is bound to be biased in their reviews and information. Magazines and online informative sites and blogs that continue to be the favorites of computer geeks everywhere are great places to find helpful information.

Don’t Let Hair Loss Get You Down

Hair loss can be an extremely frustrating thing to have because you do not know why your hair is falling out; all you know is that you are starting to lose hair. It can also be very frightening because each person that loses hair my only lose a small amount but if you end up losing your hair in clumps, it is time to go to the doctor.

Finding A Perfect Clinic

Finding a hair loss clinic can be stressful because you are looking for the perfect clinic to treat you. The good news is Clive hair clinics are extremely popular and have proven results. The best thing you can do is call and schedule an appointment with them. Prior to your appointment you need to be sure that you write down all of the questions you are going to ask your doctor. The reason for this is because sometimes when people go to the doctor they forget everything they were going to ask because they are extremely anxious or even embarrassed. A list will help you stay focused and get all of your questions answered.

Changing Your Diet

Poor diet can be another reason why your hair is falling out. You should let your doctor know what you are eating so that he or she will be able to determine if your diet is playing a part in to your hair loss. The more information you can give your doctor the better when it comes to your diet. Anything you are eating that isn’t on your list of foods to improve your diet should be thrown away so you can resist temptation. Temptation while on a special diet can be your own worst enemy. You want to try to secure diet is best that you can so you are not risking any more hair loss.

In a few months you will notice a difference in your hair. Do not get frustrated if you do not see results immediately because generating hair growth can take some time because your body has to adjust to the new way of life. And when you’re ready try getting a professional hair color to boost your self-esteem.

The Selfish Bastard’s Approach to Legal Disputes

The Selfish Bastard’s approach to any type of legal dispute can be summed up in three words: high priced lawyer. Should our Selfish Bastard be involved in a motorcycle accident of course 1) it won’t be his fault and 2) his approach to any legal dispute that may arise from such accidents would consist of only five words: high priced motorcycle accident lawyer.

Stellar Insurance Is A Must

Even the Selfish Bastard knows that he can’t ride around town on that tricked out Harley without being insured for so much as a nosebleed. The better your motorcycle insurance the better chance you stand of being completely and totally covered in any type of mishap. He’s not going to take the rap for anything that wasn’t his fault and his insurance company isn’t going to pay for anything that wasn’t his fault. They will in fact go after the other guy with everything they’ve got.

The Selfish Bastard Has His Own Private Lawyer

No selfish bastard would even get out of bed in the morning without having his own private lawyer on retainer. Let’s face it, the Selfish Bastard has detractors and enemies that jealously admire him and would, if they could, pilfer his many monetary and inanimate assets that he has wheeled and dealed his way to aquiring.

The best practice would most likely be that when you see the Selfish Bastard rumbling down the street on that Harley, just pull over and get out of the way.

Taking Good Care of Your Personal Health

Taking good care of yourself by eating healthy, getting plenty of exercise, staying away from fatty foods and steering clear of smoking are some of the best tools we have of preventing cancer; prostate or other strains. Our doctors can assist us in the fight against cancer with early screening techniques involving urological procedures and blood tests. Having a history of prostate cancer in your family is not necessarily a sign that you will have the same problem. If there is a strong percentage of your family that has been plagued with cancer however, inform your doctor because it is something that you will both want to keep an eye on.

Scientific, And Technological Medical Advancements

Back in the days when robots were the highest form of science fiction, who would’ve thought that robotics would play a part in diagnostics and treatment of cancer and other afflictions? An overactive bladder and impotence are two more afflictions that can be treated through the help of scientifically advanced medicine. The list of early warning signs of things such as prostate cancer gets longer and longer. The more research that is done the more medical science finds out about cancer, its early detection and treatment.

Is There An Answer To ‘What Causes Cancer’?

The question of what causes cancer is a loaded question to be sure. Genetics do come into play for certain types of cancer; and age is a consideration as is overall health. Keeping your body healthy is a big part of preventing cancer. But even healthy people get cancer. Good cardiovascular and brain function, taking it easy on red meats and including foods rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in your diet; and eating tomatoes and pomegranates are other good ways of doing everything you can to win the battle against cancer. And rest assured—it is a battle. One that we are winning more and more; unfortunately, more isn’t enough.

The afflictions that can be detected and treated through urological procedures are as follows: voiding dysfunction; testicular cancer; kidney stones; kidney cancer; urinary incontinence; bladder cancer and benign prostate hyperplasia. Right about the time you start to take your health and your system for granted is the perfect time for it to prove to you why we must all be diligent and care for ourselves and each other. Though medical science has made leaps and bounds in manners of detecting cancer and ways to treat it the word is still enough to strike fear in the hearts of men and women alike. Can we beat cancer? Yes we can. Does cancer win sometimes? Sadly, to this day—yes it does—all too often.