Posted by Torko on May 22, 2012

A Canadian Apartment Fit for the Selfish Bastard

So are you the type who is pretty easy going, as long as things are going your way? Do you have one of two ways to accomplish things: your way and the wrong way? If someone has an idea that looks like it might work, you’ll try it. If it works, does it then become your way? Sound familiar? You could be that selfish bastard!

“Oh Canada…”

A place full of people who AREN’T very selfish is Canada. Canada is the most welcoming country in the world, according to Forbes Magazine. If you’re thinking of packing up the old kit bag and headin’ up North, Canada waits with open arms ready to welcome you home! So you start hunting for Canadian apartments but wait, you need something made just for you. There’s no taking the main road for this journey, you’re going to find something just for you!

The search is on

First you decide where to look. Montreal? Quebec? Perhaps there’s a cozy nest listed in apartments in Toronto. Ok, let’s head to Toronto. Now here’s a quaint place in the Rue de Lux rentals list; a simple apartment consisting of 2 bedrooms and 3 baths, a Wolf oven and a SubZero fridge in your gourmet kitchen, 24-hr concierge, valet parking, fitness centre, pool and sauna, soaring above the city on the 29th floor with a private courtyard and endless views! Wow!  Now who says being selfish is a bad thing??

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