Posted by Torko on March 8, 2012

Must See TV for the Rich and Relaxed

If you’re any kind of a TV buff you already know that there are plenty of shows on TV about the rich and famous; probably the most famous being Robin Leach’s Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous.

The Rich Don’t Enjoy Watching The Rich

Whether it’s envy or bad acting, a casual survey resulted in the conclusion that the rich don’t necessarily like watching television shows about the supposed rich. Shows like Rich Bride, Poor Bride; Filthy Rich; or any ‘trailer trash’ show having to do with cops or handcuffs are out. (What do you suppose the aversion to handcuffs is?) Rich teens in college are watching Glee and New Girl; as well as Desperate Housewives (hoping not to become one?).

What The Rich Do Like

Though rich women over 50 seem to be getting quite a bang out of Dancing With The Stars; BlueBloods (actually liked by women but not men… Could Tom Selleck have something to do with that?); and Modern Family and Modern Family Part ll are both enjoyed by the annual income of $83,000 or more demographic.
And with the right satellite TV deals, the rich and famous can keep an eye on the financial ticker across the bottom of the screen on certain ‘all news all the time’ channels.

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