One Can Never Be Too Rich for a Costa Rica Vacation

If you are looking for a beautiful, tropical, peaceful location to take a vacation, Costa Rica may have exactly what you are looking for.  Between the rich beaches, luxurious hotels, and all of the local offerings, you could easily lose yourself in this gorgeous jungle setting.  However, if you are on a strict budget, Costa Rica may not be the destination for you.  In fact, even if you have a bit of money in your wallet, you still can never have too much when you are vacationing in Costa Rica.


Planning Your Trip

Once you have decided that you want to visit this tropical wonderland, you will have to figure out how to get there and what you would like to do once you are there.  There are plenty of travel websites that can get you a great deal on flight and hotel accommodations, and some may even offer discounts for local attractions.  However, before booking, you really want to make sure that the hotel is fairly close to the things that you want to do.  Maybe you want to visit the gorgeous Victorian mansions of San Jose, or maybe you would rather spend some time surfing and fishing over in Tamarindo.  Whatever it is you want to do, you would likely rather spend money on those activities than you would on travel accommodations getting back and forth.


Not For Penny Pinchers


While there are ways to save money here and there when planning your Costa Rica vacation, the fact is that if you are counting pennies, this is not the location for you.  While there is plenty to do in Costa Rica, much of it comes at a price.  Yes, you can visit beaches and do some local sightseeing without having to spend much of your vacation money, but if you truly want to experience all that the country has to offer, you will have to have a bit of cash with you.  Not to mention, this is a vacation of a lifetime!  You have the chance to do many things that you have never had the chance to experience and may not have the chance again.  You will want to live life up while you are vacationing and you can’t do that on a budget.


If you really want to see what Costa Rica has to offer, you will have to spend some money.  Since you will be spending money on attractions and adventures, you may want to try to save on the hotel and flight but, really, expect to come back with an empty wallet.  If you are wealthy, this is a great location and a place where you can truly have some fun with your money.

Picking Out An Electronic Cigarette For Better Health

There can be little doubt by now that smoking is unhealthy.  And sadly, it is unhealthy for more than just the smoker.  Secondhand smoke can be as dangerous or more dangerous in fact than smoking itself.  But smoking, as with other acquired habits, is a hard thing to give up.  And, it’s more than just the effects of the nicotine that people miss about smoking.


Quitting Smoking Is Easy… I’ve Done It Hundreds of Times


Kind of funny, but not so much.  Also kind of true.  If nicotine was all that people missed about smoking then nicotine patches would be more successful in the way of helping smokers to quit smoking.  Thing is, there’s more to smoking than just the drug.  The entire process of lighting up, the act of smoking, tapping off the ashes and so forth is addictive behavior, as well.  The taste is another thing that people miss about smoking.  Smoking is particularly missed when people tend to do it at certain times of the day or during/after certain activities.  When some individuals have a drink in their hand, it’s just common behavior for them to have a cigarette in the other hand.  After a meal, as another example, people frequently enjoy a smoke.  And, when you’re waiting for something or someone, smoking seems to be a great way to pass the time.  But with cardiac issues and the danger of strokes, as well as the risk of cancer of course, more more individuals are trying their hardest to give up the habit.


What’s a Smoker to Do


You have to love technology.  Specifically, smokers should be loving the heck out of technology because it’s responsible for a little invention called the electronic cigarette. This little battery operated miracle of modern science creates water vapor rather than cigarette smoke.  Some of them are even specially designed to light up on the end, when the smoker inhales.  They come in lots of different flavors and can be infused with several different levels of a nicotine dosage.  Not only is an electronic cigarette safer for the individual using it, it is far less of a health risk to those around the ‘smoker’.  They are also far less offensive thanks to the lack of the actual burning of paper and tobacco.


Quitting the habit of smoking must be popular, because the following celebrities have jumped on board: Kelly Ripa, Ben Affleck, Jennifer Aniston, Whoopi Goldberg, Charlize Theron and even our President of the United States, Barack Obama.  How many of them did so through the use of an electronic cigarette remains to be reported, but it’s certainly a great way to enjoy smoking, without actually smoking.  It does in fact make smoking more enjoyable.

Improve Your Looks and Feel Great

It is strange how much sleep affects our lives.  Too much sleep can leave you feeling run down and almost as if you have a bit of a hangover, while too little sleep can leave you groggy and tired all day long.  For a better night’s sleep try using Melatonin. Not only is our mind affected by the lack of sleep, but our appearance can be just as affected, if not more so.  People notice when you have dark under eye circles and may automatically make negative assumptions about you, even if you were up all night just preparing for that huge presentation for a valued client.  If you want to feel good and look good too, maybe it is time to start getting a bit more sleep.


Sleep is Wonderful


Your body needs sleep in order to recharge itself.  Think of your body and mind as if they were a car battery.  As much energy as you have at the beginning of the day, by the end of the day your reserves are getting pretty close to being completely depleted.  Sleeping gives your body the much needed time to repair itself and shut itself down, so that you can be a functioning person once you wake up.


It Makes All the Difference


When you don’t get enough sleep, all aspects of your life are affected.  If you do not get enough rest, your concentration and focus can go out the window, leading to mistakes that you wouldn’t normally make and issues that wouldn’t exist if you had gotten a full night’s sleep the night before.  Not only does lack of sleep wreak havoc on you mind but it also does plenty to your appearance, and anyone that sees you will know something is going on.


Sleep is a wonderful thing, not only for your mind but for your body.  Even an extra hour or two can do wonders for you.  So, next time you are wondering just how important sleep is, try going without it for a night or two.  It will likely be the last time you ever try that experiment once you see the affects.

Get A Tarot Card Reading For Spiritual Guidance

If you’re confusing spiritual guidance with divine guidance you have a little to learn about psychics and spiritual readings.  Getting advice from a spiritualist is more often than not completely and totally different than getting advice from someone like your priest or pastor.  A professional spiritual adviser is more times than not a psychic.  Psychics do of course use a plethora of methods, with which to give you your readings and supply you with their advice.  One such method is through the reading of tarot cards.


Does a Psychic Need Tarot Cards?


That’s like asking if a mechanic needs a certain size wrench.  It’s a tool.  There are other ways of working around not having that size wrench, but it comes in handy.  The same with tarot cards.  They are tools the psychic uses in order to do your reading.  Rings, stones, crystals, tea leaves, palm’s… All of these things and more are used by psychics all over the world.  Some psychics have better luck with certain methods and if that’s what it takes to get an accurate reading, by all means, knock yourselves out.  You do want an accurate reading do you not?  The tarot cards more or less allow the psychic to connect with the person’s spiritual guide and that guide speaks through the cards.  The psychics themselves may have a general reading of what is in store for you and use the cards to fill in the blanks.


What Are Tarot Cards All about?


The 15th century, possibly as early as the 14th, saw the introduction of tarot cards.  Beliefs by Christians, Hebrews, Persia and ancient Egypt are said to have the most influence over the art of reading tarot cards.  Cards that most people are familiar with consist of the infamous death card, the lovers and the fool.  The deck consists of trump cards numbering 22, with 14 cards in each suit and there are 4 suits – thereby totaling 78 cards in a full deck.  How do you know if the psychic that is using those cards is playing with a full deck?


You don’t.  But you could do yourself a favor and research the whole idea at websites like this one: .  There’s no harm in checking out a psychic, before you get a reading from them.  But, if you can’t go in with, at the very least an open mind, there is really no sense in getting the reading in the first place.

Get Familiar With Kentucky Derby Horses

Have you visited the website  If not, where do you plan on getting your Derby betting odds?  Because trust me, when I tell you that in order to bet the Kentucky Derby in even a semi-intelligent manner, you’re going to want to know the odds and everything else you can possibly find out, about the horses ahead of time.


What Do Online Experts Say about The Race?


People willing to voice their opinion online, that are relatively educated about the Kentucky Derby have this to say about the horses this year.  They are predicting that approximately 40 points will get a horse most assuredly a place, in the big race this year.  Thus far 3 horses have exceeded 50 points, all but assuring them a slot.  In case you’re interested those three horses are Vyjack and Orb with 50 points and Ive Struck a Nerve with 51.  If 40 points will get you in, the experts are saying that 30 points will certainly put you in the running for landing a slot in the race.  The 4 horses that are closest to that bubble, so to speak, are Shanghai Bobby and Goldencents with 24 points and West Hills Giant and Code West with 20.


Not at the Top of the List but Not Out Of the Race yet


Currently with 20 points or less are the following horses: West Hills Giant and Code West have 20 points with Oxbow and Speak Logistics falling in line at 16 and 11 respectively.  Everyone else simply falls in line beneath 10 points: Palace Malice, Elnaawi,  Revolutionary, Flashback, Will Take Charge, Super Niety Nine, Power Broker, Den’s Legacy, On Captured, Overanalyze, and ItsMyLuckyDay. There are so many things to keep in mind, when he comes to horse races that it makes you dizzy. Hey… that’s a good name for a horse… Makes You Dizzy!


Is the track made of dirt?  It may not matter to you, but it matters to most horses.  There has seldom been a horse that runs extremely well on both surfaces.  Who’s the trainer?  Who’s the jockey?  Who owns the horse?  All of these things, according to experts, add up to matter in the performance of the horse.

Hair Loss Occurs with Men and Women

When it comes to hair loss, men seem to be more susceptible than women.  While this may be the reality, it should never be thought that women don’t suffer from this problem.  In our society, however, it is much more acceptable for a man to be a bit thin on top than it is for a woman to be, so women are usually a bit quicker to do something about it.




When it comes to hair loss in men, there are a few factors which can contribute to the loss.  Heredity is really the biggest villain, when it comes to hair loss and it is a doozy.  Unfortunately, it is also the hardest factor to combat.  As a matter of fact, while some medications may provide a bit of help with hereditary baldness, the fact is that you are not likely to regrow the hair you have lost due to heredity.  However, you still have options to provide the appearance that you desire.  For instance, hair transplants are effective and can look natural and act just as naturally.  If you suffer from hair loss to do other factors than heredity, it may take just a change in diet and exercise to help regrow lost hair.  If this still doesn’t help, maybe you should consult a physician to discuss medicinal options.




With women, hair loss is a bit different.  A woman’s hair is her pride and is a factor in her beauty, so it is no wonder that hair loss can be much more devastating to a woman than a man.  Not to mention, hair loss in women can actually be an indication of a problem with their gastrointestinal tract, and a physician should be consulted.  Once you have cleared your health, trying to address the problem with diet and exercise may be as effective as it is with men.  With women, however, there are additional options for hiding the loss should the alternative methods of regrowth not work.  For instance, wigs in any style and color are widely available and can be inexpensive, and it seems to be much more acceptable in our society for a woman to wear a wig than a man.


In the end, we are all human.  When it comes to matters of diet and stress hair loss can attack anyone.  The important thing is to remember you have options that can help you out.

Ask Questions About Top Male Enhancements

If a stranger came up to you with a pill that he promised would give you longer, harder erections and growth in penis size, would you just take the pill, no questions asked?  I am sure there are a few out there that would take it with a smile, but for those of us with common sense and a need for self-preservation, there is no way that the pill would wind up in their hand, much less their body.  Buying male enhancement products, from a company you have never heard of and know nothing about is just as much of a gamble.  With so many to choose from and with so many fakes on the market, it is important to do a bit of research, before deciding which direction to go.


Will Male Enhancement Products Work for You?


As we grow older, it is a fact of life that men do lose a bit of the fire, below the belt.  While the passion is there and the mind is willing, sometimes it seems that our bodies have decided to take a nap, at the most inconvenient of times.  Add in the stress of daily life to this and you could have an embarrassing problem, that you will have to work through.  For these men, male enhancement products may be exactly what they are looking for.


Finding Information


The best place to get information on a product is directly from the manufacturer’s website.  For instance, the best place to find some information on VigRX Plus would be the top male enhancement site. If you are looking for a quick look at Vimax testimonials, you can find several at their website. However, again, taking only the manufacturer’s word for it may lead to disappointment and you will want to do research on the active ingredients in the product and research on the company itself, before making your final determination.


Male enhancement products are flooding the market and with scientific advancements every day, it is important to stay abreast of the information, in order to make the right choice for yourself.  Taking pills, or even using other male enhancement methods, could lead to problems, if you do not do the research first.  Some of these problems could lead to more serious conditions later and you can save yourself a lot of potential heartache, by taking a few minutes to get informed.

Is Sticking with Basic Auto Insurance a Good Move?

If you are like millions of other Americans today, you likely are looking for ways to cut costs here and there.  You’ve started clipping coupons and make sure to turn off the lights before you leave the house but you still need a few extra dollars to make sure ends meet.  While this can be done by cutting some of the coverage for your auto insurance, you really will want to think it through before you start minimizing your coverage.


The Bare Minimum


In most states, the law requires drivers to carry liability insurance, which is truly the bare minimum coverage you can get.  If you happen to be pulled over and are unable to provide proof of liability insurance, you are going to be looking at a hefty fine and possibly even a suspension of license.  Since it is the minimum coverage required by law, some choose to stick with liability coverage without thinking about the fact that this may protect the other drivers on the road but will leave you in the lurch if you are in an accident.  In other words, if you are carrying only the bare minimum, you are likely to have problems later.


Full Coverage


If you are buying a car off a lot, you are required to provide full coverage on the vehicle before it even leaves the lot.  This is done in an effort to protect the lending company of the financial responsibility of the vehicle if something were to happen to it within the timeframe for you to return it.  However, just because you don’t have a brand new car, you shouldn’t assume that you don’t need full auto insurance coverage on your vehicle.  Full coverage insurance covers almost any situation you may find yourself in and could mean the difference between financial ruin and financial stability if you should find yourself in an accident.


Yes, your basic liability insurance will probably cost you much less, maybe even only half, of the monthly premium that comes along with full coverage insurance.  However, when you wind up in an accident with a sixty thousand dollar car, full coverage insurance can really save you.  So, before you start trimming your coverage, consider what your coverage is doing for you.  As a matter of fact, if you currently have only liability, it may be time for you to look in to full coverage rates.

Eat Healthy At The Belmont Stakes

One would certainly think that with a 2,300 person capacity for track side dining, you would be able to find something even marginally healthy to eat at the Belmont Stakes.  Whether the odds of finding healthy food there are better or worse than the actual 2013 Belmont Stakes odds however remains to be seen.  Since I don’t have a menu at my fingertips I can at least help you out with a place to locate Belmont Stakes betting odds: should be able to help you out with what kind of money you can make off of what kind of horses.  And to find out a little bit more about the Belmont Stakes horses, you can log on to a sister site at the following location: to see just exactly what’s going on with the 2013 Belmont Stakes betting.


Okay I Lied

Got you wondering though didn’t I?  There actually are a few places online at which you can browse through many of the menu items for this year’s running of the Belmont Stakes.  Whether they’re healthy or not however, that’s up to you.  Some of the favorites that will reportedly be scarfed down are as follows:


  • Lollipops made from Chocolate Truffle – not the kind of lollipops I grew up with!
  • Pastrami Made In-House from Salmon -  don’t be afraid, reportedly it is delicious.
  • A fun little item called Mozzarella Balloons -  not the kind of balloon you would tie to your kid’s wrist.

The above three choices are available at the dining experience classified as ‘premium’ during the Belmont Stakes.


Local Chefs Show Their Talents

With a bit more of a local flavor the following are available at the Garden Palace at Belmont Park:


  • Assembled and tossed to order, you can have salads made from fresh herbs and other ingredients with the main ingredient, lettuce, clipped from a living lettuce and herb wall on site.
  • From local farms you can find beets, parsnips, roasted carrots and fingerling potatoes worked into a flavorful medley.
  • Pork loin from a local ranch is fire roasted and combined with a sauce made from olive oil, cilantro, parsley, shallots, and garlic… all from the area.
  • Locally made goat cheese served with flatbreads and grilled artisan style.


So… who’s hungry?

Time To Focus On Your Male Health Issues

As men get older, they have a plethora of potential health issues.  One of the early warning signs of any of these health issues erectile dysfunction.  Whether it is the inability to achieve an erection or the inability to maintain one, the fact is that a problem downstairs can mean a problem elsewhere.  If you have noticed that things have died down a bit in the bedroom, it may be time to evaluate the situation.


Don’t Be So Stubborn


Many men really ignore the signs that their bodies give them.  They consider aches and pains part of being a male and rarely see a doctor for them, unless it is an urgent matter.  Even then, sometimes it can take a village to get a guy to make an appointment, with his doctor.  When it is something as personal, and potentially embarrassing, as erectile dysfunction, it may even take more than a village to get him there.  An erection involves your brain, nerves, hormones and blood vessels and the inability to achieve an erection can be caused by any interference to these parts of your body.  Of course, a failed romp in the hay could also be attributed to stress or anxiety, or even just one too many cigarettes.  It is important that you see your doctor so that he can advise if it is a serious condition or just a case of stage fright.


Get On With Your Life


Once your doctor has given you the “all clear” it is time to address the problem.  If you have tried some home remedies, such as rest and relaxation and have cut down on the nicotine and alcohol, but you still need something to make you rise and shine, you may want to try and order sildenafil or some other type of prescription medication, for erectile dysfunction.  This will be another discussion, with your doctor as different medications come with different side effects and not every medication works for every man.  Once you find one that works, though, you and your partner will both benefit and the doctor may even get a high five out of it.


As with any medication, there are definitely downsides to consider, including the side effects of the medication.  However, many of these medications have worked for millions of men, and you don’t have to live with erectile dysfunction any longer than it takes to pick up a prescription!

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