Posted by Torko on February 2, 2012

Planning a Property Investment

So you’ve decided to invest in property. Now all you need to do is decide between industrial units or residential property. Then of course you need to decide upon whether you are investing in this property for your business or as a business.

Does Your Business Need An Industrial Unit?

Businesses utilizing large machinery or shipping massive quantities are best served by industrial units. If you are considering the rental or purchase of an industrial building or property you have probably already conferred with a lawyer and financial planner. If you haven’t; it would be wise to do so. Remember also that having the unit or property inspected before signing on the dotted line is yet another smart business move.

Do You Want To Be a Landlord?

Possibly the business of property is your business. If you will be renting out residential or industrial units then you will again want to consult with the appropriate professionals. You will want to know everything about who you are renting to and decide whether you are going to ensure your investment or require your renters to have insurance (or both).

Whether buying property to use or to rent out, be sure your assets are protected and all your bases are covered.

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