Posted by Torko on February 29, 2012

Snagging Seats for the Triple Crown

You won’t need to worry about snagging seats for the Triple Crown if there isn’t one officially won. The Kentucky Derby is only the first stop in the race for the Triple Crown. Win that and you must next win both the Preakness and Belmont Stakes in order to achieve the heralded title of Triple Crown Winner.

If You Use History To Make Your Bets…

Some people take a look at winning trainers, others look at winning jockeys; others still look at things like favorite colors and numbers. All the past history of winners, trainers and jockey’s is available if you search Kentucky Derby online you will find more than enough info to help you place your Kentucky Derby bets. Everyone has their own system or beliefs behind how and why they place their bets in the manner that they do. A quick and easy place to look up history on any of the above mentioned races is Wikipedia. There you’ll find history, origin, statistics, records made/broken and more.

Triple Crowns Past
Since the year 1919 only 11 horses have been good enough and have hung in there long enough to achieve the Triple Crown; the last of those being the way back in 1978 when teenager Steve Cauthen won aboard Affirmed there is a wiki devoted to both the jockey and the horse. Barbaro was favored to be a major contender for the elusive Triple Crown and instead ended up breaking the hearts of horse racing and animal lovers throughout the world with his untimely death.
To avoid confusion, all three races mentioned above officially make up the Triple Crown. You cannot have a Triple Crown Winner however, unless the same horse wins all three.

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