Posted by Torko on August 18, 2011

The Selfish Bastard Keeps Tabs On His Documents

It’s gotten more competitive for companies to stay in business thanks to problems like hacking, identity theft and corporate espionage. With internet connections that are always on it’s easy for any hacker to get passwords to your network or server and steel your information quickly. With these problems, business owners can’t be too careful or too selfish when it comes to managing their documents in a secure, cost effective manner because the future of your company could depend on how well you manage your data.

Go Paperless

The first way that you can insure that your company’s data is safe and secure is to go completely paperless. This step will help you to not only do your part to save the environment but also help insure that your documents are always in a password protected location where thieves can’t get to them.

If your company is still printing paper documents it can save hundreds of dollars per year by scanning those documents into PDF format and storing them on external drives.

Better Sharing And Collaboration

The next step to insuring that your documents or data are safe and secure is by installing a content management system like Microsoft SharePoint on your company server. This step will enable you to manage your employees more effectively, see which documents are being used and collaborate better with team members.

Many companies might not have the money to invest in programs like SharePoint but that shouldn’t stop them from finding more affordable enterprise content management solutions. One of the best CMS programs to content for managing content and customers is This tool is easy for anyone to use anytime from their favorite internet browser.

Online Data Storage

The last way a business owner or manager can easily manage their documents in a secure manner is online with services like Amazon Simple Storage. This service offers safe and secure online data storage that will give anyone the confidence that their information is safe and in good hands.

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