Posted by Donald Fred on January 11, 2010

The true meaning of Rich people

Healthy HeartAs you hear the word rich, probably the first thing that comes in on your mind is all about the huge abodes and the millions of dollar deposits in several and various banks that are earned by a certain person. Then you call it as a rich person.

For some reasons, the attainment to such properties and millions and even to billions of money on their hands is the most common idea that man has in mind upon considering a person to be rich.

Tracking back into the late years, still, the main excuse on hailing a person to be rich is the acquisition of properties and of millions and millions of money.

Also, one of the most common exemptions that a person has in mind in considering a person to be rich is the prominence, influence, and the power or authority that a person has.

If a person is called as a rich one, then he must a have to be prominent all over a certain place, influential on specific factors, and powerful or authoritative in a lot of ways. The best examples to this kind of fact are the government officials, attorneys, lawyers, media personnel, and as well as sports_girl_healthy_foodthose entertainment stars.

If you have all of the aforementioned specification about the rich ones, then you partly know on the true meaning of a rich person.

It is due to the fact that all of the aforementioned specifications will sooner or later perish.

So what really is the true meaning of a rich person?

In some sense, the true meaning of a rich person is not really about the several properties, millions of bank deposits, prominence, influence, power and or authority but rather having a genuine heart, mind and the spirit.

Having a genuine heart enables a person to accept all things that happen in reality. A genuine heart has the ability to surmount all emotional disruptions no matter what the situation is. A genuine heart knows on how heal other peoples meltdown through emotional comforting.

Having a genuine mind enables a person to think of the best ways on how to alleviate all sorts of life ordeals and as well as the ability to escape from the certain terrifying reality. Having this kind of mind enables a certain individual to think positively over a circumstance that seems to be very destructive and horrifying. It is also a way on how to make life a better one despite the reality that the current situation that a person has is totally a mess and or on a less fortunate state. It is also a way on how think of the best ways on how to cater not only the needs of itself but as well as other peoples needs.

Among the three specifications, having a genuine spirit is the best key to make life a rich one. Having a genuine spirit enables a person to attain a sure and strong hold on his life. The in depth faith in God is the most priceless and unique kind of wealth or property that man could ever have.

Aside from the fact that it couldn’t be bought at any of department store, deep and true faith is the sure way to take life into its most affluent state.

Living life with God will always be the best key on how to appreciate the true meaning of life as to with the fact life is not all about goodness but as well as the hardships along the way. In this way out, the person does not need to attain huge amount of cash just to be happy. God is enough to acquire a rich life indeed.Prayer

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