Posted by Donald Fred on September 16, 2010

Understand the line “It’s my way of the highway” in your life

It is impossible to experience how other people identify the world, whether it’s my way or the highway of living in different ways in life. While you can get a logical understanding and a sincere appreciation of perceptual differences but you cannot have the actual experience of someone else’s perception. In fact, when people first learn about their perceptual style, they read the description of their perceptual style and surprised by how the description fits them. It opens their eyes to things about themselves that they take for granted and they also experience a sense of deep validation. Therefore, this is really an amazing experience.

On the other hand, it is very important to fully understand and use your natural skills that you have like self-confidence because your own way of perceiving the world what is the right way to do. It is equally important to accept that the right way for you it’s not for everyone and the fact that there are five other perceptual styles that are equally right for those who have them.

However, people experience perceptual differences with others in the way they communicate, deal with different type of conflict, and determine the important things in life. Without the knowledge of perceptual style, all too often people assume that these differences are a matter of right and wrong and when that happens, the resolution becomes a battle of wills and a lot of time, effort and emotions is wasted on arguing and nobody really wins because its usually a case where one side just gives up and gives in. Much like when they meet with someone who does not talk your language, explaining your point of view slowly and loudly will not charge the perception of someone whose perceptual style is different from yours.

As a matter fact, there are six different perceptual styles that are normal and healthy ways of perceiving the world. Nothing is better than or more accurate in its perception than any other. Each is an incomplete view of the world because without effort from others with different perceptual styles there are different aspects of any situation that you will miss out.

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